History of Our Company
And the Story Behind Our Perfectly Seasoned Snack…

QuEGGs ~ The only Bite-Sized Egg with the Big Time Taste!In 2009 we started our small, locally owned and operated company in Lufkin, Texas. Our company is driven to make one product flawlessly: QuEggs or pickled quail eggs in pint size jars. We offer these delectable eggs in three savory flavors, Original, Hot and Cajun. Our team's sole purpose is to share these dilicious eggs with as many partners as possible.

The QuEggs brand started in our community within local area convenience stores and our name has rapidly spread to the shelves of local grocer chains and a thriving online market across the United States. For some people, the idea of eating a pickled quail egg seemed a bit odd, but we would like to share the tradition of southern soul and native Texas taste with your palate. Once you've had them you'll see why many Texans and southerners alike love them so much. The truth is: "just one" will leave you wanting more.

Our shipment options are flexible to your needs. Try any combination of quantities and flavors that we can ship right to your door. If you want to join us in sharing the enjoyment of these delectable treats, please feel free to also ask your local grocer to carry our products.

We always welcome and love to hear from any current or future customers. Please feel free to write us with any questions or tell us your favorite way to enjoy our products at I want to sincerely thank you on behalf of my family for taking the time to learn about our company and products.

Thankfully Yours,
3 Brothers Distributing, LLC

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An interesting little fact:

Say the word 'pickles' and most individuals will automatically assume that you are referring to pickled cucumbers. Rightfully so, since the cucumber may be the most popular pickled item in the world but it surely is not the only thing.

To 'pickle' means to preserve in brine or vinegar. Pickling food ensures preservation and freshness without the need for refrigeration.
Many local farmers and your local grocery store offer other popular pickled items such as onions, celery, bell peppers, carrots, chilis, papayas, cauliflowers and black olives.

Many cultures have a pickled vegetable of some sort unique to that culture such as the German sauerkraut, the Korean kimchi, the Italian giardiniera, the Persian torshi and the Japanese tsukemono.

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There's nothing better than eating quail eggs waiting on a buck!

~ David., Austin, TX